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Dive into darkness for a thrill ride like no other, inside a 180 metre beast that’s two slides in one! When the Taipan swallows you, you’ll be sent zooming through the spine-tingling spirals and high-banking turns of the Constrictor, before being shaken up by the Rattler’s fast transitions. One thing’s for sure: you’ll never see the next twist coming!

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Sit with back against tube, holding handles with both hands.

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Under 1.20m are not permitted
Max weight 250kg (2-4 persons)

Ride restrictions

To keep everyone safe at Gumbuya World, each of our rides have height and health restrictions. These restrictions have been put in place to maximise your enjoyment and keep you and other guests safe. Please read the signs beside each ride carefully to make sure you can jump aboard without any concerns!

Health and Safety

Please do not ride if you have any of the following conditions.

Heart Condition
High blood pressure
Neck or back injury
Broken bones
Drugs & Alcohol


Unfortunately some rides cannot operate in extreme weather conditions. For the safety of our guest, we may have to close rides in adverse weather conditions.

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Wildest Weekend Fun!

Strap in for the wildest weekends, with unlimited fun and adventure to be had in, Oz Adventure, Outback Explorers and the Wildlife Trail!

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