Animal Welfare Code

Gumbuya World’s vision is to develop and grow as an organisation to inspire and encourage the community to act on preserving wildlife. We will use the 5 domains model, provided by the Zoo and Aquarium Association, to ensure we are striving to achieve high levels of welfare. This focuses on our animals’ nutrition, environment, health, behaviour and mental state.


We will provide our animals with...

  • appropriate nutrition and drinking water
  • appropriate space, housing and facilities
  • high standards of proactive health care
  • the opportunity to engage in species-specific behaviours


We commit to...

maintain a life-long responsibility for all animals in our care by:

  • continually updating and improving our knowledge on all aspects of animal care
  • only undertaking close animal experiences
  • ensuring our staff and volunteers have appropriate resources, training, skills and experience

Download the full Animal Welfare and Commitment pdf here

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